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dr-zatcoffTotal Dental Care of Staten Island began with Dr. Sheldon Zatcoff. Graduating from NYU School of Dentistry in 1970, with his Degree in Dental Surgery, Dr. Zatcoff went on to provide quality family and cosmetic dentistry to many. His approach was second to none, as he developed and nourished lifelong bonds with his beloved patients, who in turn were very loyal. To all who knew him, you could see that Dr. Zatcoff was a man of simple tastes, who did not need much in terms of possessions. His satisfaction and happiness in life came from his patients, and of course his wonderful family. Dr. Sheldon maintained a basic office setting, and retained wonderful staff, who remained with him for many years. You could always see him smiling as he worked, as it was a happy place to be and he enjoyed what he did. Dr. Sheldon Zatcoff was a member of the Second District Dental Society. He was on staff at the Dental Clinic at Seaview Hospital from 1970 to 2013. Since 1981 Dr. Zatcoff played an active role in his synagogue, Congregation B’nai Israel, in Rumson, New Jersey. Never missing a week’s worship, Dr. Zatcoff loved his faith and enjoyed sharing that love with members of the congregation. Dr. Zatcoff was a huge fan of the NY Yankees and shared that interest with his son and four grandsons. In addition to baseball, Dr. Zatcoff also shared his love of Dentistry with his son, Dr. Adam Zatcoff. Dr. Adam Zatcoff has also been blessed with many of his father’s greatest attributes and values, allowing him too to become a caring, honest and compassionate dentist. In 2013, Dr. Sheldon Zatcoff passed away in an untimely manner, leaving a lasting impression on all those who met him for even a moment, or just got a glimpse of his smile. His wife Ellen, daughter Lauren and son Adam will hold dear the memories of times spent with him. He always put his family first.


Total Dental Care of Staten Island provides exactly what our name implies; ­ Total Dental Care. Our practice was founded on the basis of providing complete care to each and every patient, and so our facility offers all aspects of dental care under one roof. From advanced diagnostic equipment and cutting edge technology to our highly trained team of general dentists and board certified specialists, Total Dental Care prides itself on providing quality dental care at an affordable price. We believe firmly that one of the most important parts of dentistry is patient education. Our dedicated and hard working staff is devoted to making sure each patient understands their treatment options and needs. Total Dental Care promises that each comprehensive case is reviewed by a group of our dentists and together with you, we decide how to make you smile. Our office guarantees that you and your family will feel comfortable and relaxed in our warm and pleasant environment.

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